Hill People Gear Mobility

Backcountry travel often means capable vehicles, if only to get to remote jumping off points. Sometimes an entire trip is vehicle based and you'll never see another person. Either way, HPG Mobility might have just the accessories you're looking for to make your rig more capable in the backcountry and frontcountry both.

Barney Brothers Off Road

Barney Brothers Off Road and Repair

Our friends Darrin and Chad Barney (both Colorado boys and Eagle Scouts themselves) have been working on our rigs since 2012 at their shop Barney Brothers Off Road. When Chad pointed out the pseudo-PALS molded seatbacks on the new Jeep JL Rubicon and said "hey, do you think you could build some good bags for this location?", the idea for HPG Mobility was born. The Barney Brothers do fabrication on some HPG Mobility products, have some of their own products, and have a heck of a good repair shop in Grand Junction.


play_circle_outline Vehicle Adventure Videos

Our vehicles have made cameo appearances in many of our "in the field videos", and even played a starring role a couple of times. Watch the playlist above for trips that include off road overland travel.

forum Vehicle Mobility Forum

Our approach to motor powered backcountry travel is the same as to muscle powered travel -- practical and realistic. If you're interested in discussing the practical use of vehicles in the backcountry, our Vehicle Mobility Forum Topic will be right up your alley (see what we did there?).

HPG Mobility Products
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HPG Mobility 3" Sticker

Slap an HPG Mobility Sticker on your rig! $3.00


Bino Pouch Medium

A PALS mountable binocular pouch that can turn a Recon Kit Bag into a concealed carry bino harness. $45.00


General Purpose Pocket Medium

A fundamental unit of organization, useful across a wide variety of applications. $50.00


JL Seatback - Full Width

A heavy duty MOLLE pouch designed to fit on the factory seatbacks of Jeep JL Rubicons $64.00


JL Seatback - Half Width

A heavy duty MOLLE pouch designed to fit on the factory seatbacks of Jeep JL Rubicons $50.00


Universal Seat Back

A fully Velcro and MOLLE compatible seat back storage system $65.00


USB Extra Car Kit

A spare set of lower attachment straps for the Universal Seat Back $10.00


North American Rescue Individual Bleeding Control Kit

A bleeding control kit from North American Rescue, complete with tourniquet, pressure dressings, guaze, etc, all in a red nylon velcro-backed pouch. $65.00


SOLKOA Fire Module (core)

provides the minimum components necessary for fire craft during an unexpected night out and short duration emergencies in normal environments. $25.00