Operationally Proven Tactical is an old school army surplus style store, carrying a wide range of civilian and military products. In addition to their online store, they have a full showroom located in Raleigh North Carolina.

5col Survival Supply - USA

5col is an online retailer focusing on bushcrafting and survival gear. They carry a lot of inventory and sometimes you can get an item from them that we are out of. They are also the only place to get some of our products in waxed canvas.

Pack Rat - USA AR

Pack Rat Outdoor Center is a full service outdoor retailer in Fayetteville.

Kit Fox Outfitters - USA CA

Kit Fox Outfitters understands that work and life can be pretty busy and the idea of getting out on a good adventure might seem a little daunting. So their ethos revolves around getting out for a great weekend trip worth bragging about Monday morning and getting you the gear to do it.

First Spear - USA MO

First Spear, our primary manufacturer, maintains a small retail shop at its location. In addition to seeing their excellent line of military and law enforcement gear, you can see our gear as well.


IMTT Finland is a Finnish company providing high value training and consulting services for private citizens, companies and Law Enforcement/Military personnel. They are also the Finnish retailer for HPG products.

Outpost Shop - FRA
Emperion Store - ITA


Selection Services

SELECTION is a retail store for tactical and outdoor gear, firearms and accessories with focus on military, law enforcement and armed citizens. Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Europe and beyond. Get your selection of the best brands in the industry including Hill People Gear here.

Tree Hugger Supply - CHE

Tree Hugger Supply

Herzlich willkommen auf der Homepage von Tree Hugger Supply. Wir sind euer Ansprechpartner für Ausrüstung rund um das Thema Outdoor, Jagd, Armee und Polizei. Der Service und die Zufriedenheit des Kunden stehen für uns an erster Stelle. Solltest du auf der Suche nach einem speziellen Artikel sein, den wir zur Zeit noch nicht führen, sind wir dir gerne bei der Beschaffung im Rahmen einer "Sonderbestellung" behilflich.

Tacwrk - DEU


Mit dem neuen TACWRK.com Online-Shop stellen wir Ihnen den derzeit exklusivsten Versandhandel für Militär, Polizei und Behörden vor.

Equipt - SWE