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We believe in personal liberty. We believe in the armed individual as the fundamental unit of personal liberty and human dignity. You can read more about that here. We also believe that personal liberty is very dependent on who you are taking your paycheck from. That's why our suppliers are family owned American businesses that use American materials and employ other Americans. You can read more about that here.
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The HPG equipage taxonomy is a systematic approach to thinking about backcountry living systems -- what you need to carry and when. For seasoned backcountry travelers, it may serve as nothing more than a way of understanding under which circumstances each piece of gear we produce is most useful. For everyone else, we hope it serves as a good introduction to their own integration with a backcountry or austere environment. READ MORE »

Edward Curtis Canyon De Chelly
When humans first set foot in a new continent, they came in small groups under their own power, bringing only the gear they needed. Most simply called themselves The People. Over time, those who chose the rougher freer life of the up country came to think of themselves as the Hill People.
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