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Hill People Gear Design Principles

Hill People Gear Design Principles

Our products don't happen by accident, and they're not born in a design studio. They're built on years of backcountry, engineering, and quality assurance experience. Inspiration usually comes on the trail and multiple iterations are mentally tested and discarded to the beat of hiking boots before pattern making even starts. Designing things conceptually is par for the course in the software industry where Evan started his career. So is refining a "design pattern" or "design principles" to ensure a consistent and functional product. Here is how we do that at HPG.

Design Principles

Our People

The value of any organization lies in its people. Here are our people.

The Team Coureurs des Bois

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Our Logo

Medicine Skull

Evan picked up this bleached skull in the Washakie Wilderness before the fire season of 1994. As is so often the case in extremis, things came into focus for Evan over the course of that summer and come winter time he painted the skull to reflect his understandings. A handful of things have been added over the years for the same reason. When it came time for Evan to embellish his outdoor designs with a maker's mark, it was only natural to adapt this longstanding personal symbol to the purpose.


For many indigenous cultures, you cannot make a map of a place without including the stories that go with it. From the dreamtime of australian aborigines to the wintercount of plains indians, stories matter and stories about places matter even more. Our stories about the land connect us to the land, but they also become a part of the land itself in a very real way. Here then is a collection of stories about our land. 

Marked This Happened to Me! The Year The Snow Came Was I Close?

We are always accepting submissions at info@hillpeoplegear.com. Fiction or non-fiction. The only criteria is that it must be evocative of the land you stand on. If we like it, we'll publish it. The author will get attribution in the manner of their choosing. 


We design and prototype in house as well as all of the other administrative functions. For manufacturing, we rely on trusted partners.

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