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original Kit Bag
the most all around useful of the kit bag models, particularly for backcountry use.
Runner's Kit Bag
This is a thin version of our regular footprint bag, optimized for a lower social profile in urban and front country environments.
Lightweight Ball Cap
The best backcountry use ball cap we've found, sporting the HPG logo. You'll have to add your own salt stains.
Recon Kit Bag $95.00
Recon Kit Bag
This is the same minimal size as the Runner's, but with PALS on the front for adding your own organizational system. Run it slick, or build it up.
Snubby Kit Bag
This is a small footprint bag for folks who want to carry a subcompact pistol and little else, or don't have enough space across their chests for the regular footprint bags.
Snubby Kit Bag - original pattern
This is a larger volume Kit Bag option for folks with smaller frames. It will carry the same amount as a Runner's or Recon Kit Bag in a smaller footprint.
Tarahumara Pack $125.00
Tarahumara Pack
A trim little pack with a surprising amount of capability that disappears on your back
Umlindi Backpack
A versatile mid-sized pack that functions as a shoulder only pack or a very large and load capable lumbar pack with the addition of an optional Prairie Belt
Ute Backpack $400.00
Ute Backpack
This is the do it all pack which handles loads from 20 pound day loads to 60+ pound muliti-day loads with equal aplomb.
Prairie Belt $100.00
Prairie Belt
a very comfortable and capable backpack waist belt that is also equally useful as a stand alone load bearing belt.
Attache $140.00
The Attache functions equally well as a stand alone laptop case or as the back pocket on an Umlindi backpack for an integrated travel system
Shoulder Harness
We use this piece on every pack we make, for very good reason. Also available separately for other applications.
Runner's Harness
This allows you to tie any Kit Bag and a Tarahumara or Umlindi together into a single dedicated vest.
Compression Straps
Various straps for using HPG pack components on third party packs and frames.
Tarapocket $55.00
The Tarapocket is a simplified version of our Tarahumara pack, for use only as a back pocket or compression panel.
Palspocket $65.00
A panel loading pocket / compression panel with a full size PALS grid / velcro field inside.
Mountain Serape $187.00
Mountain Serape
This exercise in insulation versatility works as a poncho, greatcoat, and half zip sleeping bag.
Bike Frame Bag
this durable bag is large enough to fit smaller bike pumps plus a spare inner tube and all your tools.
812 Stuff Sack
Fits horizontally inside of a Ute or Umlindi. Good size for a loose-packed Mountain Serape.
915 Stuff Sack
Our largest stuff sack gives you lots of emergency overflow capacity at 2 ounces
717 Stuff Sack
Goes on the back of a Tarahumara pack like it was made for it
Tarainsert $25.00
A 7.5" x 16" stiffened organizer panel that acts as a framesheet in the Tarahumara and an accessory panel elsewhere.
General Purpose Pocket Medium
A fundamental unit of organization, useful across a wide variety of applications.
First Spear GP Small
Small PALS pouch that will mount on our Shoulder Harness as well as other PALS locations.
Bottle Holsters
Insulated snug fit PALS mountable bottle holsters
Large Shepherd Stove
The easiest assembling and strongest burning collapsible wood stove made
Lifter Straps
For docking the weight of your KB onto a host pack to create a counterbalanced load.
Stabilizer Strap
Stabilize a Kit Bag for running in it
Patch $6.00
Low profile logo patch
ITW Nexus Cobra Buckle - Tan
Bomb-proof center closure buckle for retro-fitting older Prairie Belts that came with standard side release buckles.
Fricke Zacchaeus Holster - Glock
minimal trigger guard cover for securing a Glock in the bottom of a Kit Bag
Heavy Recon Kit Bag
All the tacti-cool features in a mid volume Kit Bag that still retains a low profile.
Polartec Logo Beanie
A fitted logo beanie in the very useful Polartec Power Stretch fabric
Can't Cheat T-shirt
Represent in a t-shirt suitable for town or trail
Aston House Pack
A multitude of low profile organizational features in a mid size pack
Organizer Bucket
A padded velcro backed pouch for internal storage of electronics
Stock Cuff $25.00
Stock Cuff
non-slip and lightweight hypalon cartridge holder with a data card window on the offside.
AstonInsert - coyote
A 11"x19" stiffened organizer panel that offers both velcro and PALS attachment methods. It works well in all of our larger packs.
Can't Cheat Long Sleeve T
Long sleeve tech t-shirt for trail use
Mountain Serape (medium)
A trimmed down version of the original Mountain Serape
Pocket Harness
an unpadded and stripped down version of our shoulder harness with G-hook mounting for use on small pockets
SOLKOA Fastfire Refill (4)
SOLKOA Survival Systems Fastfire cubes are the most reliable fire tinder currently on the market. The refill packages consist of 4 individually wrapped Fastfirecubes.
SOLKOA Signal Module (Core)
provides the minimum components necessary for signaling to rescuers, visual and audible, during an unexpected night out and short duration emergencies in normal environments.
SOLKOA Fire Module (core)
provides the minimum components necessary for fire craft during an unexpected night out and short duration emergencies in normal environments.
SOLKOA Hunter / Mountain Kit
this extensive kit is designed to support a hunter that may need to survive a mountain climate for 3 or more days until a search party arrives
OVI / HPG Under Pack Belt
A unique closure mechanism and just the right webbing dimensions make this a great pants belt for under a pack belt.
Recon Belt $75.00
Recon Belt
A trimmed down version of our Prairie Belt suitable for small packs and battle belt use.
Tool Roll (coyote)
A stretchy multi-pocket organizer that will mount to a velcro panel or can be used loose.
D.A. Response Kit - HPG Ed.
A minimalist trauma kit for the prepared backcountry traveler who has no plans to deliberately go into harm's way.
Wind Cheater $200.00
Wind Cheater
A versatile shell / midlayer that is useful in most conditions short of rain
Coyote Ruff $68.00
Coyote Ruff
coyote fur ruff that is set up to attach directly to our Wind Cheater
Connor Pocket / Pack
Successor to the Highlander, this is a full size compression panel that does a great job as a small pack.
Recon Harness $46.00
Recon Harness
This harness replaces the stock harness on any Kit Bag and provides a little bit of rear cargo capability.
Aston Framesheet
A framesheet and single stay for use in our products and others.
Yukon Cornelius Approved Patch
US made vinyl patch that celebrates the best product endorsement we could hope for
Vanguard 3 Holster
A trigger guard / IWB that works with weapon lights
qui-Ya Backpack $450.00
qui-Ya Backpack
Dedicated large load pack built on the same heavy duty internal frame chassis of the Ute backpack
Introduction to Backpacking
Distance learning culminating in a 2 night trip - one night doing coursework at trailhead, one night on the trail.
M2016 Butt Pack $135.00
M2016 Butt Pack
Our rendition of the venerable military butt pack can be used as shoulder bag, lumbar pack, and top pocket
Winter Skills Class
Distance learning culminating in a 2 night bunkhouse experience in the Colorado Rockies with field activities during the day.
Slot Pocket Survival Kit
Professional quality survival kit that fits in the slot pocket of a Kit Bag and a bunch of other places.
original Kit Bag V2
Our largest most capable general purpose Kit Bag

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Edward Curtis Canyon De Chelly
When humans first set foot in a new continent, they came in small groups under their own power, bringing only the gear they needed. Most simply called themselves The People. Over time, those who chose the rougher freer life of the up country came to think of themselves as the Hill People.
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