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8/6/2018 7:23 AM

The Better Half and I just returned from 3 fine days spent exploring the southern Tetons. Our route was in the area of the red rectangle in the lower left of this map: 

For kit, I took an Umlindi paired with a Recon Belt (+ med pocket and bottle holster), and an Original Kit Bag V2. Here's a basic breakdown of the gear I carried (minus food): 

I realize the image above it a little hard to read, so feel free to ask any questions. With food and water added to the mix, my total pack weight was 23.7 lbs. On to the good stuff...

We headed up a drainage just down the road from our house. The first of many creek crossings on that first day: 

As we got into the upper reaches of the drainage, it really started to open up: 

First night's camp near the head of the creek: 


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8/6/2018 7:26 AM

First light from our first camp: 

From camp, we had about a mile or so of steady climbing to reach the Teton Crest and the GTNP boundary: 

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8/6/2018 7:35 AM

After a short break at the Crest, we turned our attention to summiting Housetop Mountain (10,538'): 

On the summit of Housetop, looking southeast toward Rendezvous Peak:

Looking north toward the Grand Teton massif. Even from atop a 10,500' peak, the Grand still looks huge: 

Descending Houstop we came across a rock covered in fossilized barnacles. I wondered what convoluted path over the millenia brought this rock to rest at 10,000' above sea level:: 

Gentian blooming in the alpine: 

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8/6/2018 7:38 AM

After summiting Housetop, we dropped from the Teton Crest into the park for the off-trail section of our route, which took us mostly above treeline through some really cool, open country:

Eventually we gained the ridge above our second night's camp and descended to the lake: 

A gourmet feast was had on the rocks, as we watched the sun set behind the ridge...

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8/6/2018 7:43 AM

We awoke on day 3 to rain moving in. Since we were in a pretty exposed spot at 9,600' we decided to quickly break camp and get a move on:

The rest of the morning was spent descending this gorgeous valley:

A Muley doe checking us out as we rounded a bend in the trail:

A few hours later, we were in the parking lot, throwing packs in the back of the truck and peeling off boots, sore and smiling and already planning other trips...

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8/6/2018 7:51 AM
This was my first multi-day trip with the Umlindi, and I finished this trip seriously impressed with how comfortable this pack is. Once I had it on and adjusted, I truly never thought about it at all. It was also cool to see that I could pull off a 3-day trip with just this pack, a Rcon Belt and a Kit Bag. By adding the 2016 butt pack and or something like a PALSpocket, I could easily extend the range of how long I could be out with this setup.

It also gave me more time to appreciate how much thought has gone into thes design of the Umlindi - it has everything it needs and nothing that it doesn't. I've used enough packs over the years to know that kind of deliberate simplicity doesn't just happen by accident.

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8/6/2018 8:30 AM
Sweet pictures. Thsnks for taking us along.

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8/6/2018 2:34 PM
My first son and I got back from Yellowstone yesterday. Your photos complement my own and inspire us to return soon. Thanks for posting up.
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8/6/2018 5:09 PM
That was an outstanding trip! I'm impressed you got everything into an Umlindi. Good ultralight loadout. Although my standard of reference is solo or family so maybe my pack could be a lot smaller with a partner.

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8/10/2018 7:21 AM
Thanks, folks. The total trip mileage was about 25 miles, with 4000' of climbing in the first day and half. It was a really fun route through some little-traveled parts of the range, starting from a trailhead just a mile down the road from our house.

My wife carried the tent fly, a few ti stakes, a small first aid kit, half the food and a fuel canister in addition to her personal stuff. Her total pack weight was sub-19 lbs starting out. I think that with the addition of the 2016 butt pack or PALS pocket on the Umlindi, I would have had no problem adding those items to my pack if I was on a solo trip for the same amount of time. I was pretty impressed at how much I could fit into the Umlindi without needing to expand it. And I certainly had a few things with me that weren't essential. It's a great pack.
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8/18/2018 4:12 PM
Thank you for sharing.
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