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9/29/2018 8:16 PM

I have taken several classes from different instructors over the years. I would like to hear your reviews of the Wilderness survival classes and instructors you’ve taken and trained with. 

Here are my favs:

1. Reggie Bennet - Mountain Shepherd Survival School. 

Reggie is a former SERE instructor. He’s a good teacher. The classes I took were Hunble Thunder and Hidden Pursuit. Both classes were 4 days in length. HT focuses on the basic elements of surviving on your own for 72 hours or until search and rescue arrives. HP addressed basic survival skills in an escape and evasion scenario. 

2. Cody Lundin - ALSS - Excellent teacher, intense dude.

I trained with Cody back in 2008-09, before he got his TV show.  The classes I took were: 

The Nothing Class - basically a weekend in the desert with no food, no blankets, no sleeping bags, no sunglasses, no knife, no rope...only two water bottles. Excellent class apart from the nausea and headache associated with not eating. Focus was on working as a team and utilizing what is around you. Excellent class

Essential Abo - skills building class where you can bring food and other gear. Focus is on skill development. Excellent class


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10/2/2018 10:14 AM
I was hoping a few others would chime in with their experience and recommendations.

We (Scot?) should probably define and differentiate the difference between “Survival” and “Bushcraft” skills. My definition is pretty wide and agnostic but others break out in hives when lines get crossed. I do think it is very skill and context based.

We should also list what sub-areas or skills we think fit into survival knowledge similar to the HPG Equipage Taxonomy. I may start another thread on just this point.

This may sound like “name dropping” but I am blessed beyond measure with the friends and mentors I have. I do my level best to pay forward the lifetime of knowledge they have shared and dumb down for me.

1. Tony Nester (Ancient Pathways) - I have been lucky enough to take many of Tony’s courses. Tony specializes in desert survival but has a deep background in most ecosystems. Most of my Desert Southwest survival knowledge traces back to Tony.

2. Mike Masek (The Foragers Path) - Mike specialized in botanical medicine and foraging for edibles and medicine. Mike has forgotten more about plants and botanical medicine than I will ever know. Mike is also a very good friend of Tony’s and they often teach classes together.

3. Claus Andersen (Wilderness Skills) - Claus has a very deep military SERE and winter skills background and is currently active duty with the Danish military. I met Claus through Tony and am lucky enough to have Claus and his wife Freya (huntress_freya) up yearly for a visit and hunting.

Full disclosure- I consider Tony, Mike, and Claus very good friends and am more than a little bias.

4. Cornelius Nash (Scott-Donelan Tracking School) – Corn is the Ops Boss for SDTS, the premier tracking school in the country in my opinion. I took a tracking course from Corn that Tony Nester was putting years ago and was lucky enough to meet Corn again at the HPG Summer Gathering.

5. Adal Lopez (Independence Training) - Medical is not my strong suit but what little I know traces back to a history in combatives, poor life choices, and Adal.

6. Other “Oracles” I have gotten some great information and ideas from but have not taken a class with…YET. David Mike Hull, Chris Lapre, Matt Furches, Bill Downey, Clint Locklear, Peter Kumerfeld, and the whole ESEE crew.

Talk is cheap...lets compare fur checks.
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10/2/2018 8:01 PM
I thought about delineating between “survival” and “bushcraft” but there is a lot of overlap. In an actual “situation” where you find yourself out of your comfort zone in a rural area self-preservation will trump any name that we may assign to whatever discipline we practice.

So, yes please include both bushcraft and wilderness survival.
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