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4/1/2011 4:37 PM

This thread is all about answering the question, "will my XXX pistol fit in the Kit Bag?". So, chime in with which specific pistol or magazine setup you've carried in a Kit Bag -- but only if it isn't already listed in previous posts. I'm just looking for one comprehensive list without duplicates. I'll start with ones I know about:

  • 5" 1911 with 10 round magazine and TLR1 weapon light
  • 4" S&W N-frame
  • 4" Taurus tracker
  • 5" M&P pro with TLR1
  • 4 5/8" M&P .45acp with TLR1
  • (3) 30 round p-mag AR magazines sticking out of the top
  • (2) 20 round .308 mags
  • 4" Ruger Redhawk
  • 51/2" Ruger Bisley Blackhawk with round butted grip frame


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4/1/2011 8:44 PM
  • Glocks...any of them.  With or without a TLR2.
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4/1/2011 9:37 PM
  • S&W 629 6" Classic Rem. 44 Mag (snug fit with factory rubber grip)

Mine is currently topped off with a fixed 4x Leupold scope. The rear of the scope only pokes out of the top a smidgeon.

Hmmmm...this HPG Kit Bag + 629 Classic combo has got me thinking about using it for late August black bear medicine while scouting for mulies in the highcountry.

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7/22/2014 5:43 AM
posted for husky390:

Original Snubby bag,

Para LDA Carry 45 fits with room to spare

Ruger Alaskan's butt will stick out a little and the zipper can catch on the hammer spur but it fits

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7/23/2014 10:55 PM
My apologies, the bag is the Snubby, not the Original Snubby. I didn't realize there was two different models but it appears they share the same dimensions width and height wise so I believe the fit would be the same.
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8/8/2014 8:43 PM
My new 5.5 inch Ruger Redhawk, 44 mag, just barely crams in my standard kit bag. But it does fit. I was happily surprised.
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11/14/2014 7:59 AM
My OP Snubby KB holds either my Glock 19 or my Sig 1911 CCO style. I doubt a 1911 Commander with a full size grip would fit.

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1/20/2016 5:23 PM
In my Original Kit Bag I have tested and/or carried the following pistols:

* S&W Model 625 with 5" barrel (N-Frame, just barely fits)
* Browning Hi Power
* Beretta M9 with 20 round Mec Gar magazine, and a spare MG 20 rounder held in place with a Maxpedition universal holster (basically a Velcro-backed loop)
* CZ P-09 with Rogers Rail Light and a spare mag in the Maxpedition holster
* S&W M&P Shield 9 with a spare 8 round mag in the Maxpedition holster

Dave Markowitz
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