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12/15/2015 6:49 PM

In another thread I did a pretty thorough review of the Tarahumara. 


In that review I discussed how my goal for the Tarahumara was to use it as a trail running / adventure racing pack, and that it was great ...but needed a waist belt. Well, after some trial and error I think I have come up with a pretty good solution. 

What you need:

1. A pair of compression straps

2. A pair of lifter straps

NOTE: I didn't use the lifter straps, because I just ordered a 10 pack of Duraflex Siamese Silk Clips.


How to build it: 

STEP 1: Take the compression straps, and clip the metal tri-glides off with a pair of diagonal cutters.

STEP 2: Attach the SIlk Clips to the loops.

STEP 3: Attach the Silk Clips to the bottom loops on the Tarahumara.

STEP 4: Go Running!


So it turns out that the silk clips have a tendency to cut into my back when I run. Basically, if you are wider then the Tarahumara ...this is going to happen to you to. So I'm trying to work out a solution to this. As of today I have tried sliding strap keepers and Ranger bands over the silk clips ...and it works OK. 


Just slide the keeper over the clip. The downside of this is that the pointy ends on the silk clips beat up the keepers, and this solution probably won't last long.

Ranger bands work OK, but they move around because it aren't really tight enough (and this is the smallest Ranger band in the pack that I have).

Other things I plan to try. 

1. Using the shock cord and barrels (from the shoulder straps) to attach the belt to the bottom of the pack instead of the silk clips.

2. Wrap the clips with medical pre-wrap (thin foam) and electrical tape. The problem with this is the belt won't be easily removable. 

3.  Heat shrink wrap, but once again ...the belt won't be easily removable

What do you guys think?

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12/17/2015 12:23 AM
I would say option 1. P-cord or shock cord is obviously cheap enough and won't have any sharp edges to dig into your back. I did the exact the same thing on a Camelbak linchpin years ago (with p-cord), and they're still going strong. I didn't use the barrels, just tied overhand knots in the cord.
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12/17/2015 3:25 AM
I got some compression straps from the HPG site and they come with Gclips. I used those to attach the straps to the same loops and make a belt. This was Evan's idea...not mine...don't want to take credit.

The only problem was they kept working their way out so I used Ken's shock cord securing method. Works great now and doens't dig in at all.
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1/1/2016 10:18 AM
I ended up going with paracord because I like that it doesn't stretch and there is still no plastic to dig into my side fat. The only downside I can see is that it is not as quickly removed as a buckle system.

PRO TIP: How I do it is I run the paracord through the bottom loop on the pack then through the loop on my strap, and then I tie a basic overhand knot ...and if I'm worried about the knot coming undone during heavy use I can use heat shrink wrap over the knot, or dip the knot in melted parafin or plastidip. These options avoid using plastic pulls or barrels.

With the paracord I think I've found the best setup I can for now. I'll let you guys know if things change.

What do you guys think?
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7/21/2018 10:50 PM
I might have to give this a shot thanks to for sharing. I've thought about taking a dremel tool to round off the edge on my runners pack. Although on a mountain bike I'd love to get a lightweight waist strap like that.
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7/24/2018 6:57 PM

For the DIYers with a sewing machine. (I use left over stuff from my issued filbe)

Two straps of webbing sew in buckle, split bar triglide in the rear of both sides.  Simese clips in the back while running sounds interesting.

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8/3/2018 9:03 PM

I use a Surgeon's knot (instead of a Reef knot) to secure the straps. Works great. 

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