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11/20/2017 7:09 AM

Hail!  I recently picked up a Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum with a 4.2" barrel, and decided to come up with a good way for me to carry it on my Prairie Belt (for times when I don't want it in the Kit Bag), and also a way to carry spare rounds.  

It's kind of tough around these parts to find a holster for a 4.2" Redhawk...unless I order a custom one from somewhere. I wanted it to have specific capabilities, and I have not really seen any available that would do what I wanted it to do. I haven't done the Kydex one yet, and part of me feels like this kind of gun belongs in leather. So, I ended up buying a Triple K holster from my local Cabela's and then modified it to meet my desires. It was meant for a single action revolver with a 4 5/8" barrel, so I soaked it in hot water to wet form it so that it would fit my Redhawk. I also modified the belt flap so that it would be PALS / MOLLE compatible. Finally, I added a spare bullet holder onto the face of the holster. I'll carry more spares in my Kit Bag in Bianchi Speed Strips. Now, I can carry it on my Prairie Belt. Sometimes, I'll carry in the Kit Bag, and sometimes on the Prairie Belt. Turned out pretty good and the modifications didn't take long at all.  

I also came up with a way to carry spare rounds on my Prairie Belt or in my Kit Bag, and still have quick access. This will also work with the Bianchi Speed Strips I have inbound. Of course, I still can carry a standard speed loader, but those are bulky, and this gives me a pretty low-profile and versatile option. I sewed a length of elastic webbing to a 1" wide length of coyote brown 1 Wrap (double-sided Velcro). The entire length of the spare bullet holder is 4". After I sewed the first piece of 1 Wrap to the elastic, I then added a second piece of 1 Wrap, to provide additional structure / stiffness, and to create the option for me to also mount the spare bullet holder on my Prairie Belt, if I want to run it that way. I then cut two more lengths of 1 Wrap so that I could attach it. Worked out just like I wanted.

Figured I'd share these two little projects with folks here in case anybody else is trying to figure out another way to Prairie Belt carry their revolver, or to carry spare wheelgun rounds in their Kit Bag or on their Prairie Belt.  Below are some photos.  Hope this helps other HPG Forum folk out there!  Any questions or comments are welcome, as always!

Ken sends.


Holster mounted on the Prairie Belt.


I think it's a pretty clean set up like this.  I'm also thinking about using some leather I have to make a strap system to run this holster crossdraw style on my Prairie Belt.


Two layers of Velcro 1 Wrap, some elastic webbing, and some Rigger thread....all it took to make this.  The two additional pieces of 1 Wrap fit in between, and then it all sticks together for mounting on PALS or MOLLE.


When the two layers are collapsed and stuck together, it makes for a good secure surface with some structure to it.


Mounted on the Prairie Belt.


The two additional pieces of 1 Wrap in place.  These go in between the two layers on the spare bullet holder.


Mounted "dapper style" to the 6/12 PALS grid in my Heavy Recon Kit Bag.


The two additional pieces for mounting on PALS or MOLLE can be kept on the backside of the bullet holder, or just stuck somewhere else on the 6/12 grid.


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