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12/7/2016 9:38 AM

Regarding emcomm: I've been looking at docking various 2M radio components with velcro into an ammo can, which is what just about everyone seems to do. Then I remembered the tara insert and I think it would be just about perfect for a 75 watt solar rechargeable 2M rig, and you'd be able to haul it around a lot easier than an ammo can. Would work to swap in an HF capable radio as well. This would give nearly 2 hours of 75W operation at 50% transmission duty cycle without recharging. The tara would then piggyback on your 72 hour living gear.  Happy trails ...

FT-2900 75W 2M rig   4.2 lbs

12 Ah LiFePO battery   3 lbs

LiFePO-specific solar charge controller  0.4 lbs

 25 Watt folding solar panel 1.4 lbs

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12/7/2016 9:56 AM
OK, I'll bite....

What is 2M?

What is emcomm?

And while we're at it, what is LiFePO?
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12/7/2016 10:28 AM
Sorry for not defining the terms. I've been interested in Ares/Races, the emergency communications arm of Amateur Radio. I am also interested in Search and Rescue, but nobody gets lost in my county, no real hiking type recreation.

2 Meters is the frequency band (in wavelengths) that most repeaters around here use. It's line of sight so very repeater dependant. Thankfully, Yakima County SAR runs a set of linked repeaters in the nearby mountains. 2 meters is a good choice because foliage is more transparent and efficient antennas are a resonable size, about the size of a human arm.

emcomm is emergency communications.

LiFePO is a battery chemistry that is non-toxic, truly deep-cycle, and 1/4 the weight of a seled lead-acid battery storing the same amount of energy.

check out a google on ammo box go kit, you'll see what I'm talking about. Who would want to lug one of those around? The answer was staring me in the face!
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3/10/2019 11:39 AM

Finally got this put together for APRS tracking, email and SMS messaging. The ski pole antenna, while a better performer, does not work well with APRS since you don't know when the rig will transmit.

The antenna is an end fed half wave cut down to be resonant at 2M. It is a Super Antenna Superwhip, titanium. Very nice construction. I've whacked several tree branches with it. The antenna is mounted on an oak dowel. The dowel is also the coil form for the tapped resonator matching network, the same as used on the ski pole antenna posted elsewhere on this site. The dowel also fits into the top of an old Ramer pushbutton probe pole with removeable grip.

The Tara panel is carrying a Mobilinkd KISS TNC that talks to my cell phone running APRSDroid, a Yaesu VX-7R, spare batteries and small solar panel for recharging the cell phone, the TNC and the batteries. I tried a PALS mounted radio case but velcroing the radio to the panel is much more convenient.

This rig is laying down some nice APRS tracks, even at 1 Watt. Better than the rubber duck or a quarter wave whip. The APRS track is a ski jaunt I took yesterday before all our snow melts here in town.

Edit to add: Same tour, same power, same everything except used the Yaesu duck antenna. I only got one packet out. The duck tests better than my Diamond 1/4 wave whip, but the whip is quad band, maybe a single band 1/4 wave would do a respectable job.

ETA again: Wow!, OK, this fellow also finds his SINGLE band 1/4 wave whip is far worse than the Yaesu stock duck. He even used an anechoic chamber.I guess I'm not losing my mind. Guys, stay away from those 1/4 wave whips or at least verify whether there is any advantage with a relative field strength meter.


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