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5/1/2015 8:28 AM

I like to carry a "hypothermia kit" of sorts in my hunting pack.

 This consists of a sit pad, a cover of some sort, usually a poncho, but could be a space or sportsmans blanket, and a heat source,  which so far has been an extra 1/2 dozen hand warmers, that get tucked in my pits and strapped to  my Carotid arteries  with a neck gaiter.  The hand warmers will warm you up, but wont help you dry out.

I carry a can of Sterno when there's a possibility of immersion, but am a bit sketched out by curling up with an open flame when I've got a case of the cold stupids.  

I have a tealight lantern that seems safe enough,  but was not useful in subzero  temps as only a small amount of wax would melt around the wick. I assume the aluminum cup was radiating the heat out of the wax before it could melt.   I'm pretty sure its a "Uco Micro candle lantern", but its in the bottom of the POS crate so I cant confirm at the moment.   

I have an old Zippo hand warmer, that I've played with, but  its not really the kind of thing that I want leave in a pack "just in case" and messing with flammable and evaporate liquids when cold dumb and clumsy doesn't appeal.

I'd appreciate any suggestions, towards a practical  heat source that I can justify always carrying in a Tarahumara  based hunting kit.

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5/3/2015 5:52 AM

Here's a little back ground info on "hypothermia kits".

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5/5/2015 9:34 AM
The cold stupid is a real issue. I carry Uberfire canisters for that use, but there is the open heat source you are talking about. I am not sure if there is an alternative that is both a significant heat source and no open flames. The warm packs are about the only thing I know of that heat without open flame, unless you talk about something electric. I know some folks like the Zippos, but having tried to keep zippo lighters full, I avoid them.

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5/5/2015 9:58 AM

Its a bit much for a Tara but once the heater gets cooking (think giant hot hands) it really cooks. If they are the same as when I was in the Army, they are vacuum sealed to about the size of a VHS tape.


Here is the mylar bag only.  I imagine you get in that thing and bang out some squats you'd be good for a bit.

EDIT to add, NARP is an overpriced and slightly douchey company.  If you can find this same stuff somewheres else I would.

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5/5/2015 4:48 PM
I would certainly conciser carrying a couple "NAR HPMK" kits if I was responsible for other people in a cold water situation. They seem a little limited, as they are the kind of stuff held onto until there is an actual emergency. I would rather not have to wait for my discomfort to reach a particular threshold.

I may have found the the ultimate "candle holder" that will give me a little separation from the flame if I nod off. Its multi-use, can hold a bigger candle and is $$titanium$$.


A vented tomato paste can with would do the same thing at .001% the cost. Hmmm?

At this point I am going to try and get my $12 candle lantern to actually function as a lantern. Google tells me that there are a number of different types of tea light candles available including ones in plastic cups , so I'm going freeze a couple different types in a block of ice and see what works.

For the time being I'll keep with the extra extra heat packs.
HomeHomeDiscussionsDiscussionsGeneralGeneralSafe heat source for hypothermia kit?Safe heat source for hypothermia kit?