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1/7/2020 1:26 PM

After far too long patchimg it all together with outdated heavy and wet gear, finally started to upgrade it all.  

Got some nice baselayers and a softshell this last fall and found it to be a touch warm when moving and too cold at static.

After watching the longhouse video on clothing, started to rethink the system. 

Luckily, havent invested in a puffy as I will be going for a serape instead.

I understand the Windcheater would be an ideal replacement...but at 6 foot 6 inches of height, Im not seeing it being long enough with no tall sizes avaliable.

I understand the OR ferrosi is a comparable alternative and at least one of the Hill bros used one untill the WC came out...but again theres no tall sizes.  Also it lacks the cordura type fabric (durability is an outstanding factor for me)


Any suggestions for a comparable WC alternative in tall/long? 

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1/8/2020 7:52 AM

I think you would be surprized at the fit on the windcheater.  I am 6'5" with a long torso and it fits me with room to spare.  I got a 3xl so that I had room for a puffy or fleece underneath if I wanted but without it fits fairly well.  I have both a gen 1 and a gen 2 and other than the sleeves they fit simailar.

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1/8/2020 9:31 AM
I wouldn't be opposed to ordering a size up to get sleeve length, however always find myself swimming in some standard jackets even at current sizing.

At #230, 21" across the shoulders, 45" at chest and 35" at waist, the "Seattle" fit is almost a necessity if talls aren't available.

I'm told a good way to fix this is simply 'grow bigger' however it's a skill I haven't yet mastered
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1/8/2020 2:57 PM

I would suggest to go with your standard shirt size. The Windcheater is quite long compared to other jackets, and is much longer than the OR Ferosi. I normally wear a size Large shirt. I wear the size Large Windcheater. I am 6'2 195lbs. I can wear the Windcheater with just a baselayer underneath without it being too loose, or wear my puffiest puffy jacket under without being restricted.

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1/16/2020 5:49 PM
lighter material, no pit zips, can't add coyote ruff- but the military uses a hooded Patagonia wind jacket (Level 4) that you can often find on eBay- it comes in tall sizes

having said that, not sure a tall will be longer than a Windcheater or not

I also agree that the Ferossi is cut a little shorter than it probably should be
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1/21/2020 5:56 PM
I am 6''5" at 230 and about 45-46 chest. The Large WindCheater v.1 fits me nicely. I would not want the sleeves any shorter, but they are adequate. Body length is ideal. I have yet to bend over and feel the coat tail ride up over my belt. It just doesn't happen.
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1/23/2020 8:44 AM
I'll end up ordering a large and extra large to compare, it sounds like either one will work out great.

Sleeves are always a tricky deal for me, I know having them an inch or two short isn't REALLY a big deal,
but still....its annoying.

I'll end up with a windcheater, but as an alternative, I did see a jacket from Beyond Clothing that could work similarly to the ferrosi.

Perhaps as a different weight or purpose to the Windcheater? The beyond clothing K5 Velox Light Softshell Jacket sounds like something Evan described in the longhouse layering video.

Additionally, I understand the HPG Mountain Parka is stuck in production purgatory?

Maybe the Beyond Clothing K8 Allta Parka is something of an alternative? Prima Loft Gold, Fur Ruff


Not a BC fanboy or marketing rep, just interesting designs that seem to reflect the philosophy that the Hill Bros and many here have already laid out.
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